About the Series

The Skyrunner Series Canada is a point based race series comprised of mountain trail running events.

Categories & Disciplines

Races in the Canadian Skyrunning Series are classified into one of three categories: Vertical, Sky, and Ultra. In the Vertical category there is one discipline: VK. In the Sky category there are two disciplines: Skyrace and Skymarathon. Finally, in the Ultra category there are also two disciplines: Ultra Skymarathon and Extreme Ultra Skymarathon. Races in the Skyrunning Canada Series will adhere to the international standards set by the International Skyrunning Federation.


VK In a VK, races must have a total vertical gain of 1000m in 5km or less (5% tolerance admitted).


Skyrace Skyrace events must have a minimum distance of 20km and under three hours (winner’s time). They must have a minimum 1200m vertical climb (5% tolerance admitted).

Skymarathon Skymarathon events must have a minimum distance of 30 km and under five hours (winner’s time). They must have a minimum 2000m vertical climb (5% tolerance admitted).


Ultra Skymarathon Ultra Skymarathon events are races that exceed the parameters of a Skymarathon by more than 5% (32km) with more than 2500m vertical climb.

Extreme Ultra Skymarathon Extreme Ultra Skymarathon events are races that exceed the parameters of an Ultra Skymarathon, with a minimum of 5000m elevation gain and over 12 hours for the winner.


Points are awarded for each race in the Skyrunner Canada Series. There will be a Men’s and Women’s National champion in each of the three categories.

Points are awarded in the following format: 100-88-78-72-68-66-64-62-60-58-56-54-52-50 down to 2 points for 40th position. Points in the last race of each series are increased by 20% and then rounded. If there is a tie in the top three positions, head-to-head results are used with the final race in the series weighted highest.

Runners will have their top 4 performances in each discipline taken into account for National Championship.


Individual races are at their own discretion for prizes. Prizes for The National Champions are currently TBD.

Continental Championships

Each year there is a North American Championship races for each discipline, alternating between Canada and the USA. This year, the Vertical Championship is in Canada at UTMA. The Sky and Ultra Championships are in the USA at the following races: Audi Power of 4 50k (Ultra) and Flagstaff Sky Race (Sky). Points from these races are used in the International Skyrunning Word Series rankings.